What cheered me up in April ! 💜

Aloha ! 🌺 This is my first article published on this blog ! 🎉

I hope despite the lockdown, you had a good month overall. Without further ado, here are the things that cheered me up the most in April. 🤗


Disney Plus ✨

Since Disney announced they were launching a streaming platform, I have been beyond excited! As a huge Disney fan, I had dreamed about it for years. In the US, the platform was launched in November 2019, but in France, we had to wait until April 2020 to get it. It was even a little bit delayed due to the current health crisis, but it’s finally here! And it was absolutely worth the wait. This platform is everything that I expected and more. I love being able to rewatch the animated classics, and to discover great new shows they've produced. I’ve only been watching for a few weeks, but so far I can tell you that I’m not disappointed. I’ll publish an article shortly in which I’ll review the first 5 shows I’ve started.


Hearthstone new hero: Illidan Stormrage 👿

I am not a big video games player. Not because I don’t like it, on the contrary, I love video games ! But because I absolutely suck at it. It’s sad, but true. I have zero skills whatsoever, especially when I have to play with a controller.

However, there’s one game I play quite a lot: Hearthstone. I really love Blizzard’s video games, their stories, designs, worlds, characters... But honestly I can’t play games such as World of Warcraft or Warcraft III, my little brain gets confused very easily because everything is moving too fast, and there are soooo many things to do. Ugh, exhausting.

BUT, Hearthstone is kind of perfect for me because it has the same universe in a playable version for me, yay! Recently, they added a new hero, Illidan Stormrage, a demon hunter — and he’s really cool to play! Of course it comes with more cards, and a new adventure. I love playing this Adventure Mode, because you get to learn more about this iconic character of WoW, and it’s pretty neat.

Beauty / Lifestyle

I cut my hair myself ! 💇‍♀️

With the lockdown, I haven't found it easy to take care of myself. Since I stay at home, I do less efforts to look good. I’ve been spending days in super comfy clothes, not particularly paying attention to how I look. As I've been mostly working from home for the lasts few months, I’m used to staying in comfy mode. However,  I usually get a “break” from my “I don’t give a damn about how I look like today” routine, whenever I go shopping, see my friends, or go to the movies — which are things we don’t get to do these days.

So, I did this very basic thing that I had never tried in my life before: cutting my hair myself. Even if it wasn’t much of a change, it made me feel really good. I followed this tutorial that I saw on Instagram, and I’m very glad I did. It gave my hair more strength, and a lovely and simple cut. 💁‍♀️


Due to this special situation, I’ve been relying on online shopping, and the grocery store of my village. Yes I live in a small village, like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, (or that's what I'm telling myself anyway) 🎶 there must be more than this provincial life ! 🎶 My point being, I’ve not been able to find the exact same product as I’m used to. But, it’s actually a good thing because I got creative with what I had, and also I discovered new products! I've been hesitating for months to subscribe to kazidomi.fr, and not only it has been a life saver, but the products I've tried are really tasty! I've only received 2 orders so far (a third one is on its way ☺️), but I'm planning on writing a detailed review of the products I've tasted.

Movies & Series

I already mentioned it, but I’ve had an amazing time watching Disney + series and movies. Since it came out this month, I dedicated most of my free time to watch specifically Disney shows, but a lot of cool shows and movies launched on Netflix too. One in particular, which as a k-drama lover, I had the duty to watch: Itaewon Class. I haven’t finished yet, so no spoilers please! 🙏🏼

I’ve watched 5 episodes, and it’s absolutely amazing. The main actor’s performance (Park Seo-joon) is outstanding. The characters are fascinating, and the story inspiring. I’m not getting more into details in order not to spoil anything. But if you’re a k-drama lover, and even if you’re not actually, I highly encourage you to watch it on Netflix.



Okay, how do I start talking about this without sounding hysterical ? 😆 On the weekend of April’s 18th-19th, BigHit Entertainment had the BEST IDEA EVER: to stream BTS concerts for an entire weekend live on Youtube ! There were 8 shows total: 4 on Saturday 4-18, 4 on Sunday 4-19. In France, the event started at 5.00 am. When I found out about this, I was like “shoot, I’m going to miss the beginning of the shows” because I’m a lot of things, but a morning person, that I’m not. However, the night before the event started, I called my cousin, who by the way is the one I have to thank for introducing me to the bangtan boys in the first place (purple u!). Talking to her about the event, I had made up my mind. We set our alarm to 4.45 am, and we were going to do this !!! And boy, I regret nothing.

This is actually pretty hard to describe with words, but waking up super early to see those incredible boys perform is going straight to my “amazing memories box”. Since I know them for only a year, I missed a lot of their journey. But watching the event, with concerts from their debuts, and ending with the LY Tour, it was a LOT of feelings. I felt about a billion different emotions from being ecstatic, amazed, moved to the core, proud, inspired, surprised (sometimes I wasn’t prepared for the next song, I loooove that feeling) to crying all the tears of my body every single time a concert ended. Not a joke. Everything they say at the end of their show, the way they stay until the very last minute to connect with ARMY (which is, to sum it up quickly, our "codename" as fans)… I mean, it’s hardly impossible not to feel moved by that. And I think it’s incredible to be able to feel this whole range of emotion only by watching a concert on my tv. It was honestly an outstanding experience, and firstly I can’t wait to do that again. Secondly, seing them for real in a live performance, has now reached to top of my to-do list.

I’ll finish by saying that, as a lot of people, plans I had for this year involving travelling fell apart. But for a weekend, even though my body was in my room, I got to feel excitement or amazement, just as when you go on a nice long expected trip. Today, I still keep the benefits of this marvellous weekend, and it gave me a lot of much needed energy. I’ll never be thankful enough for every incredible emotions they are making me feel.


Indeed, there are quite a lot of BTS songs in my top 10 of this month. To be honest, I think there will always be at least a song from BTS in my top ten of the month. I’ve been listening to them for more than a year straight since I discovered them. They are just part of my everyday life. 💜

But the following songs, I discovered or re-discovered in the Bang Bang Con youtube life event. I can’t finish this article without mentioning the score of The Mandalorian. I first listened to Ludwig Göransson marvelous (hehe) work in Marvel’s Black Panther movie. I think his composition always reflect and complete perfectly the shows. Another cool thing that I loved is that they separated the score of each chapter (episode) of the show, that way you’re not “spoiled” by listening to songs of the upcoming episodes. I found that very thoughtful !

I’ll finish by leaving you my top 10 songs of the month. I hope you found everything in there interesting, and that it made you want to try some things out maybe. I’d love to hear about the things you liked the most in April, whether it fits in the categories stated above or not.

My Top 10 songs of April 2020

  1. Lost — BTS
  2. Cypher Pt. 3 — BTS
  3. HipHop Phile — BTS
  4. You are a Mandalorian — Ludwig Göransson
  5. Miss Right — BTS
  6. My Dear Beloved (piano version, from Kingdom Hearts) — Yoko Shimomura
  7. Home (from Beauty & the Beast, the Broadway Musical) — Susan Egan
  8. No light, No light (MTV Live version) — Florence and the Machine
  9. Dead — Apashe
  10. All I Want (from Disney + Originals “HSM: the series”) — Olivia Rodrigo
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